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Our Side of The Story

Our journey started 9000 years ago in Kemet, what you now know as Egypt. We were respected and worshipped. From there we spread across the world. Sometimes good hoomans gave us food and a place to stay. We are "normally" peaceful but love to be Free! You will find a lot of our friends in alleys and street corners. Now we have formed an alliance and decided to come together. As of now, we are staying at Opensea. You can adopt one of us from there.

We help other societies

Cat NFTs

Good hoomans deserve support and we stand by them

Polygon NFT

We always bring luck, so grab one before its late!

Alley Cat Alliance - ACA is 10,000 members strong!

Crypto Cats

Like us, each of the NFTs are unique and only one version will be available

In the News


ACA NFTS are hand drawn and total 10,000 in number , each one is unique and minted 1/1 - never to be minted again. The minting is done on Polygon Chain to keep the gas prices low.
Max - Developer
Our artist is a graphic designer with a long standing. These NFT's are produced on Sketch and then layers are mixed with Python program which was developed and refined by Daniel Botha AKA Hasplips.
Leo - Designer
The floor price of each NFT is kept at bare minimum. A percentage of the proceeds goes to cat shelters and organisations taking care of cats. Once we sell 25% of the NFTs we will launch our merchandise store and By middle of 2022 we will launch out Kitty verse with special faciities to early adopters,
Stella - Strategist


Pre launch

Twitter Giveaway

Retweet our Twitter post whilst tagging 2 friends and follow us. 10 random lucky winners will be drawn. Each lucky winner will receive 1 ACA – NFT.


Press Release

A tentative launch is planned for the second week of January 2022. A press release to go out informing the launch of ACA nfts.  A second round of giveaways might also happen to mark the launch. Stay tuned on Twitter



On the sale of the first 1000 nft’s a raffle will be held in which¬† 1 ETH will be given equally to a lucky holder of an ACA NFT and a Cat Shelter or organisation taking care of cats.



On the sale of the 3000 nft’s we will launch the development work of Kittyverse. Kittyverse will comprise of a virtual gallery to showcase tokens, a section for Veterinarians to consult on video calls, a Kitty playground and a merchandise store to support cat shelters.



On the sale of the 5000 nft’s we will start the designing of the second generation of kitties with competent artists from the world over. This generation will be animated kitties and unique. The first option to get these premium kitties will be open to existing holders only.

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